Bob Ross Art of Chill

The Bob Ross Art of Chill game is only fun because it has to do with Bob Ross. I LOVE Bob Ross. My desk is littered with anything Bob Ross. It has a Bob Ross figurine, Bob Ross mints, a Bob Ross poster, and more. That is why I like this game. Also, the idea of it is fun, and so is the strategy.

Usually, I’d write a whole summary of the game, but that’s the problem with the game: it makes no sense. There are so many rules, the basic idea is complicated, and the game includes so many different pieces that it is hard to remember what each one means.

Here’s a picture of the things in the game: Image result for bob ross art of chill gameWe’ve looked over the instructions over and over, and played a few games. Yet we still don’t know all of the rules.

Even though the instructions are hard, when you play it, it is really fun. I love it. I just don’t think it’s worth spending your time learning how to play the game, even though it’s really fun to play.