Waitress the Musical

Waitress is a musical about a (you guessed it) waitress and pie baker named Jenna who accidentally gets pregnant, and how she deals with it from when she finds out, to a few years after she has the child. Waitress is an amazing musical, but it contains a bunch of sexual references. (in fact, there is a whole song featuring it, so it is not for young children or the faint of heart) Other than that, it’s a great musical with very deep, lifelike and comedic characters. The music is written by the musical prodigy Sara Bareilles, who also wrote songs like Love Song (which came out in 2007). The songs are really amazing, and it is just a fantastic musical overall. If you go to see it, there is an actual cookbook containing all of the recipes that Jenna makes up throughout the musical and more! But, if you can’t see it, I highly recommend still listening to the soundtrack.