Rock Band Land

Rock Band Land it an organization as well as a strong community in SF.

You may be asking yourself What do you do at Rock Band Land? Why does it have that name?”

Well, once upon a time, two men named Marcus and Brian got together and had a miraculous idea: Rock Band Land! They hired many people to help them, such as Taylor and Taylor. Then it started.

The news spread, and then many kids wanted to start a band. So, they were split into groups, and they wrote a story which would later become the base of their song. The story could be super random. Also, they would play different instruments, even though most of them had never played an instrument before. They would “rock out”, and create cool tunes and beats for their song.

The next time they get together, Marcus and Brian had created a song about the story, using the tunes and beats from before. Everyone gets an instrument to play in the song (usually your first choice, but if you have played the instrument before, you will get that choice automatically). After a lot of practice, it is time for the big show.

The big show (at the Verdi Club) is the best concert you will ever go to. Awesome food, their funny theme song, and the sing your face off competition, where your parents from the different bands must fight for the coveted Rock Band Land sing your face off award by singing the chorus of their child’s band’s song.

It is a 6 week program, and you can go any day of the week, since they have probably 7, 8, 9, or 10 bands.

It is super fun ,and a life-changing experience!

Now they have two studios in the mission!

They also have movie nights, girls night out, video bing-bong, etc..

The instruments they have available are electric guitar, keyboard, drums, bass, and singing. But what if you want to play another instrument? As long as YOU have it, and will bring it, you can play it, and they will make it work. Some people have played saxophone, violin, trumpet, and even DANCED!

But let’s say you are pretty good at an instrument in particular, and playing with 7-year-olds isn’t your forte, then guess what! There are also older bands that they might let you into if you are good enough, but it is their choice.

Older bands create their own songs from scratch, and Marcus and Brian don’t play with you during concerts or practice. You stay with them as a band until you want to quit, but you don’t switch after 6 weeks. Also, every year, the best of the 4 advanced bands get to go to a music festival in Boise, Idaho, and perform in it!!!! It is super fun! The 4 bands are called (from youngest to oldest bands): ACRE, Callithumpian, George Washing Machine, and Another Man Out the Window.

Rock band land is SUPER cool, and you really should do it, or at least think about it.

No, really! It is life-changing, I mean it!